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Unruh Family Club


After being in the car business for over 65 years, we at Unruh Automotive have witnessed firsthand the benefits of keeping your car healthy. We believe that complying with the accepted recommendations for maintaining your car will not only extend the life of your vehicle, but increase your savings in the long-term.


The Unruh Family Club offers savings for our customers who, like us, are committed to maintaining a healthy car.  As part of the Unruh Family you will always save 5% on labor, have a complimentary inspection with service, get complimentary tire rotations*, receive specials on tire and service packages, among other seasonal and family benefits. The Unruh Family Club is designed to show our continued commitment to serve our clients especially when they need us most. If you are a part of our family, you are protected in the case of an unexpected repair, (for example a leak**). This protection comes in the form of savings that can equal up to 30% of your repair!


We feel that owners who care to regularly and properly maintain their cars should be rewarded for doing so.


Benefits of belonging to the Unruh Family Club:


• Complimentary inspection with service

• 5% savings on labor

• Complimentary tire rotations*

• Specials on tire and service packages

• Up to 30% off on unexpected repairs**





Only available at the West and Downtown stores.

*with every other oil change or 6,000 miles

** Such as, but not limited to, leaks, hitting a curb or pothole, water pump failure. For any questions regarding this please contact your service professional

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